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What Children Learn From Their Parents Marriage.

 I am writing to thank you for your book, “What Children Learn from Their Parents’ Marriage.”  Perhaps you get notes like this every day.I hope so. You certainly deserve the praise for this very well written, insightful and helpful book.    I picked up your book because my husband and I have been going through a hard time, and I was looking for wisdom on how to improve our relationship.    I was so thankful to find your book because it is whole and has the health of marriage at its core.  It truly reveals the concerns and perspectives of both partners in marriage. 
 Within minutes of scanning through the pages of your book, tears fell from my eyes.  I had finally found a book that affirmed what I knew in my heart to be true about love and relationships.  I also appreciated  that your book included anecdotes of other couples and how they came to recognize and work through their problems.  I needed more than “advice.”  I needed to see how other couples “got through it”   The content of your book not only informed me, but that information also helped to build up my courage/strength to begin uncomfortable conversations with my husband about our relationship.   We have improved our relationship incredibly in the last few months, and I  know the future holds even better days ahead for us as we actively seek to demonstrate our love in honest and respectful ways, which includes talking about conflicts.
      Thank you for helping to improve my marriage.  You have done a wonderful thing in writing this book






“Stop Overreacting is a valuable guidebook for navigating the basic struggles of our emotional world”

Beth Jacobs, Ph.D.





" Finally, a practical book that gets at what the REAL triggers are to our over-reacting to everyday situations. A terrific integration of varied ideas about how to understand present-day over-reactions in light of past experiences, especially past relationship experiences. Goes way beyond most guides to thinking rationally and mindfully."

                          ---Alan S. Gurman, Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health




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