Stop Overreactions at Work

Comments from workshops Dr. Siegel has given:

What did you find particularly interesting or useful?

"I watched the presentation online-I Thought she was an excellent speaker-calm and very poised. The subject was very interesting and pertinent as well."

"The lecture was very well rounded. She talked about stress producing triggers; how to manage them and how to stay in an affected state of positives. Also she suggested different tools. Overall very informative."

The connection between reactions and underlying processes.

"Helpful tips in managing stress and understanding the emotions associated with stress."

The work place is filled with triggers that can lead to emotional overreactions.  Criticism, rejection and envy occur in relationships with customers as well as colleagues. 


Business rewards clear thinking - but that is impossible to achieve when strong emotions are influencing our thoughts.


Working with emotional insight requires new skills - but they are absolutely worth cultivating.